I’ve been on a spiritual journey. I’m constantly seeking messages and guidance from my spirit guides or angels (like my father Maurice, or my great-grandfather AG) to determine if I’m on the right path in my life. These messages from the spirit realm have increased in frequency and importance over the last several months, and March 31, 2021 was an incredibly important day of my journey.

The Yellow Trail

On that day, I was called to go on a hike at Garret Mountain Reservation. It’s near my home, so it’s convenient to go in the morning after taking my son to school and…

Okay, so most of y’all know that being a mom is pretty demanding. When you add nursing to the mix, then sprinkle a little grad school on top…there’s a lot of things that might slip through the cracks in your jam-packed schedule.

What’s so time-consuming about nursing, you say? Well, if you were at home with your baby all day — it probably wouldn’t be. But most American moms that aren’t gazillionaires actually go back to work inhumanly fast after giving birth. That means dragging (what seems like) a 50 pound breast pump with you every day, finding time to…

“Wow, how do you do it all?” — I’m sure the millennial mom hears this question all the time. Most women under the age of 35 with children are juggling being a mom, having a full-time job, and going to school all at once. *Cue applause*

Occasionally, we have partners to help with the responsibilities that come with raising little ones — but that means maintaining a healthy relationship too. That might be challenging, especially if your partner is a husband.

Maria Ramirez

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